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Weekly reading list: Monday 18–Sunday 24 March 2024

Elliott Bledsoe
4 min readMar 24, 2024

The first post in a new series where I will attempt to compile a weekly list of things I have been reading, stuff I have come back to for a re-read and things that I want to read but haven’t got to yet.

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What I’ve been reading the week:

  • If aliens arrive, how will we talk to them? These experts have some answers
    ABC RN looks at how we might communicate with aliens when and if we ever make contact with another species. There is the potential to establish rudimentary contact but genuine communication will rely on language.
    Fiona Pepper – Sunday 24 March 2024
    Future Tense, ABC RN & ABC News, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
  • Arts Council England and The National Archives sign new agreement
    In my mind arts and creativity and GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives and museums) are clustered together under the banner of ‘arts and culture’, so it is always heartening to see greater interaction between these two sectors. I will be keeping an eye on what comes out of this new collaboration agreement between Arts Council England and The National Archives.
    Monday 18 March 2024
    Arts Council England [via The International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA)]

Of course, there’s lots of other stuff I have been reading that doesn’t make it into the weekly round up. (If you have a Google Account you can even share links with me!)


Things I have circled back to:

  • Chokepoint Capitalism
    On the plane down to Canberra (Ngambri and Ngunnawal Country) for the Australian Digital Alliance Copyright Forum 2024 I started Chokepoint Capitalism by Rebecca Giblin and Cory Doctorow again and I cannot recommend enough! Everyone should read it, but especially so anyone who is working the arts and culture. It unpacks how Big Tech and Big Content have fucked creative labor markets and gives suggestions on how to unfuck them.

Add it to the pile

New additions to the unread pile:

  • Dhawura Ngilan (Remembering Country): A Vision for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage
    I am yet to read them in detail but I am excited for the potential of the Dhawura Ngilan Business and Investor Principles and the Dhawura Ngilan Business and Investor Guide documents which together outline standards which collectively illustrate the expectations of First Nations peoples for how the private sector will interact with First Nations cultural heritage and provide guidance to operationalise the principles and support businesses and investors to protect Indigenous cultural heritage. Both were prepared by Terri Janke and Company.
    Launched on Tuesday 19 March 2024
    Dhawura Ngilan Business and Investor Initiative